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Should You Buy A House Or Rent?

Home ownership is a very important personal decision. Owning or renting a house depends on so many factors. It depends primarily in your own situation.  Sometimes, it is a wise decision to buy a house. Other times, renting is better. You need to consider the pros and cons as well as your financial capacity to either buy or rent a property. Buying Ascaya luxury homes is very expensive but you can rent them for a much lower price.

Owning a House: 


  • It can be a form of investment. The cost of renting a property is affected by inflation, meaning it can go up anytime. Owning a house protects you from inflation. Should you badly need to sell it, you can sell it at a higher price than its original buying price. Or if you decide to have it rented, it can be another source of income which you can use for savings or to invest in other business. 
  • The house is yours so you can make major decisions about it like if you will renovate it, make it bigger, decorate the interior, etc. You don’t need to ask permission from someone else. 
  • If you plan to transfer the ownership to your children later on, you can. This shows how much you think of their future. 


  • Don’t overestimate its value as an investment. If the location is not ideal or the house is not maintained well, its value can go down over the years. Sometimes, investing in a stock or a bond is a better option.
  • Owning a house is a complicated task. Aside from the total cost of the house, you need to consider other big cost like hiring a real estate agent, renovation cost, documentation, taxes, mortgage, lawyer, etc. 



  • Renting is not as complicated as owning a house. All you have to do mostly is to pay for the rent, and that’s it. The maintenance, renovation, documentation, property tax, etc. is being shouldered by the owner. 
  • The cost of renting is cheaper than mortgage. So if you’re paying capacity is low, just rent, and don’t buy a house. 
  • If you will not stay in the place for more than 5 years, it is better to rent. You don’t like to invest too much in a house that you will eventually vacate after few years. 


  • Is affected by inflation. Your rental cost can go up annually, depending on the owner’s decision. 
  • The house is not yours so you cannot do anything you want to make it look more presentable and comfortable without the owner’s approval. 

Understanding Real Estate

There is a lot of stress involved with the purchase of a piece of real estate. If you do not have the appropriate information, you can potentially make mistakes that you will have to live with for a long time. Use the valuable tips and suggestions below to keep you from making these mistakes. If you’re trying to buy commercial real estate that costs a lot, make sure you get a partner you can trust. It will facilitate the qualification process for the commercial property loan. A partner can provide help with credit and a down payment necessary to be qualified for a loan.Don’t give up even if your offer is turned down, as many sellers will search for ways to make it work. Perhaps the seller will offer to cover the closing costs or pay for the some of the property’s needed repairs. Be flexible about the choices you have to make. Maybe you can’t live in the most perfect community and in the most perfect home, but you might be able to do one of those things. Keep your eyes open and don’t fall in love with only one style of home in one particular area of town.

Prior to purchasing any real estate, you first need to have a firm understanding of what a mortgage loan is and its many terms and conditions. Making sure that you understand how your mortgage term affects your monthly mortgage payments and how it relates to the net cost of your home will leave you feeling less confused in the future.Now is the perfect time to start investing in real estate. Property values have sunk to an all-time low after the recent housing market crash. It’s the perfect time to leave an apartment and move into your own house. Over time you can expect the market to go up again, which will turn your investment into profit. If you have your eye on a home, you know what the seller wants for it but what you actually offer is something else entirely. If you haggle with the seller a bit, you can probably come to a selling price that makes you both happy.